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Three identification method for bearing fault

Release date:2021-7-7

Bearing as a mechanical equipment on the precision parts, how to improve the productivity of the plant, the first mechanical equipment performance must be the best, and the relationship between the use of mechanical equipment performance, one of the largest - bearing. So the factory in the production process, must be on the mechanical equipment in the bearing for a good inspection. For the sake of safety, the Chinese bearing network shared bearing fault three identification method, we want to help.

1, through the sound recognition

To identify the sound through the need to have a wealth of experience. Must be trained to achieve the recognition of bearing sound and non bearing sound. To this end, should be as far as possible from the person to carry out this work. The sound of a bearing can be heard clearly on the shell with a listening device or an audio stick.

2, through the working temperature of recognition

The method belongs to the method of comparison and identification, which is limited to the situation that is not changed in the running state. To this end, the need for continuous temperature records. When the failure occurs, the temperature will not only increase, but also the irregular changes. The method and the method of sound recognition are appropriate.

3. Identification of the state of lubricant.

Analysis on lubricant sampling, through its pollution level, whether mixed with foreign body or metal powder to judge. This method is especially effective for the bearing or large bearing which is not close to the observation.